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Exclusive music. Independent artists only. One unique vinyl album every month.

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What you get

A surprise selection every month

We work with curators and indie band producers to bring you the most exclusive content we can find. No mainstream artists, no big-name labels - only the best up & coming artists out there.

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For artists

We understand there's nothing more important for an artist than to connect with their audience. We also understand how hard it is to compete with the big names in iTunes or big streaming sites.

That's why our revenue is shared with the artists included on each monthly release. We make money, you make money.

If you're an independent artist and would like to get your music featured in our club, get in touch! We're looking forward to hear from you, too.

About us

As long time vinyl collectors ourselves, we felt that something was missing in the past few years. Digital music opened up access to virtually infinite catalogue, but it takes away the sensory experience of owning, touching, collecting pieces of music. That's why we decided to start VinylBird.


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